Myles Garrett has been ticketed multiple times for driving over 100 mph

Police have not said whether speeding was involved when Browns defensive end Myles Garrett was in a single-car accident this week. But Garrett reportedly has a history of unsafe driving. Although police are still investigating the cause of this week’s crash, in which Garrett flipped his Porsche, WKYC reports that Garrett has at least six […]


New insights on the genetic underpinnings of the vocal tract

Despite its importance for speaking, breathing, and eating, we know relatively little about the genetic underpinnings of the human vocal tract, a system made up of cavities and organs such as the tongue, the larynx, and the lips. A new consortium of geneticists, neuroscientists and linguists, initiated by Dan Dediu, ICREA professor at the Faculty […]


U.S. steps away from flagship lithium project with Buffett’s Berkshire

In a February meeting with mining executives, President Joe Biden laid out an aggressive goal for the United States to produce more of its own minerals for the electric vehicle revolution in ways that respected the environment. A “big part” of those efforts, the president said, was a plan by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc […]


Three mysterious Pokémon icons seem to reveal yet more Violet and Scarlet species

A handful of new, unannounced Pokémon have been spotted in the latest trailer. Earlier today, The Pokémon Company released a new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that included around 14 minutes of gameplay. But at around the 7.17 mark, just as one trainer enters the town of Artazon, a number of new ‘mon can […]


Heartbroken Pet Owner Gets Tattoo of Beloved Pooch Who Died Using Ink Mixed with His Ashes

A devoted dog owner was so heartbroken when her beloved bull terrier passed away that she got his ashes inked permanently into her skin, so that he’s ‘always with her.’ Robyn Moscrop rescued her bull terrier Bronson back in 2019 who she “spoilt rotten” and “treated like a baby.” The 27-year-old was devastated when her […]